L2 Gangsta GamePlay

In our server you can find full sets of c6 Items, Weapons, Armors, Jewels.                                          
You can collect all Farm items to buy the c6 Items on farm zones.
In our server you can find tree farm areas, you can teleport via Global Gatekeeper.                     
•Safe Farm
•Farm Area 1
•Farm Area 2
And much more Zones you will find in our Gatekeeper!
Droplist:                                              •Safe Farm:                                    3-7 Farm Items Low Adena, 100% Chance per monster.
                                                          •Farm Zone 1:                                    6 Farm Items, 15000 Adena, 100% Chance per monster.
                                                          •Farm Zone 2:                                    7 Farm Items, 13500 Adena, 100% Chance per monster.
You can teleport to Grand bosses via Boss Teleporter, but,                                            
You must be equiped with some good gear to defeat our bosses.
Global buffer is on your disposal, you can take,                                                                    
Buffs, Songs, Dances, Chants etc...
In main town you can find our Vote Manager                                                            
• First step: You must request your voting in
•Second Step: Click on Voting Banners on our Site
       (You must wait 40 seconds between you vote in each site)
After these steps you will automatically get rewarded within 5 seconds.
You can also use our command (.rewardme) to get Vote Buff!
Clan Manager can make your clan LvL 7 and 8 With one click, also you can get some rep points.                                                   
• Requirements for LvL Up: 10 Clan Items for 7 and 15 Clan Items for 8.
• Requirements for Reps: 10 Clan Items for 25k and 15 Clan Items for 50k.
     Notice: Grand Bosses are dropping Clan Items
Events are every 1 Hour via Auto Event Manager:                                                           
• TvT
• Ctf
• DM
You can see more info about L2Gangsta in our Server Info NPC!
Also you can use .menu command for more options.