Here at L2 Gangsta, we do not have any customized armors or weapons.
We believe that customized weapons and armors can easily make PvP unbalanced.

We also do not have any annoying vote systems where we try to "pay" our players for their votes.
If the players are enjoying their time at L2 Gangsta, then they will vote for us.
This is also why the vote buttons can only be viewed in your user profile site here on

And we plan to keep our server simple, balanced and without wipes for as long as we can.
For more info read our FAQ!


We're running our server with Interlude C6, and of course it's running with L2j files.


XP: 300x
SP: 300x
Spoil: 300x
Drop: 300x
Adena: 300x
Karma: Max Drop: 3 Items (20%)
"After your item is being enchanted, the rates will decrease."


Safe enchant Weapon: +4
Safe enchant Armor: +4
Max enchant Weapon: +16
Max enchant Armor: +16

Spawn Protection

Once you spawn, you're protected for a few seconds.
If you move, use a skill or use an item then the spawn protection will stop.

Automatic Features

We've arranged so your character will automatically pick up drops from monsters.
Drops from Raid Bosses will have to be picked up manually.

Skills are automatically learned.

We also have automatic offline shops.
Simply set up your shop and log out, and your offline shop will be active for 12 hours.

NPC Buffer

There's an NPC buffer in our towns.
It supplies Prophet Buffs, Songs and Dances for a small fee.

Global Gatekeeper

Every town has a Global Gatekeeper.
This takes you to all popular Interlude locations including our PvP zones.

GM Shop

There's a GM shop in our towns.
This shop has everything you need. Soulshots, Weapons, Armors, Potions and much more.

Raid Bosses

Raid bosses in L2Gangsta are retail. Valakas, Antharas, Baium and others.
Every boss has another droplist, Raid Jewels for example. You will find about their status in Boss Info npc.


The olympiad is ongoing every week.
Meaning if you become a hero you will have your hero status for 1 week.
Olympiad heroes cyrcle: 1 week.


Sieges are posted on Castle Manager (.castlemanager).

PvP Zone

You can PvP/PK anywhere except towns.
If you wish to PvP without the risk of getting karma, lose your gear or having to run back for buffs then our PvP zone in Primeval Isle is just for you!
Pk is not allowed on Farming Zones. Be careful because your items are able to drop down.

Farming Zones

If you wish to farm for adena, Farm Items, Rare Items, Lifestones etc.

Then Custom Farm Zones is where you should go.